Hi, I’m Craig, the creative behind Window Gazing.

I make the LARGE small

By distilling whole organisations into user-focused identity systems or websites.

By condensing amazing events and campaigns into an effective, attention-grabbing poster or ad.

Or by using art to create micro experiences that can help towards solving wider issues.

Calling all those that bring about positive social change and experiences, if you've got big ideas that need minimising hit the orange button and let's work on something great together.

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A little more about me...
I have a strong background in three key areas:

1. Education in design
2. Years of working in the nonprofit and education sectors
3. An open mind from years of travelling and living abroad.

All this has shaped me into a strategic thinker with the knowledge that best results come from involving and educating clients from start to finish.

I now work as a freelance graphic designer and artist to produce brand identities, print, advertising and websites for nonprofits, social enterprises and education providers that allow them to create positive social change and experiences.