Mauerweg GT top tube sticker design


technical solution and design

Xaver, over at Bockstein Bikes in Berlin, builds stunning bikes and understands the value of pairing his beautiful frames with their story through carefully crafted graphics.

Mutual understanding
Friends of mine own his gravel bikes and I heard Xaver had seen my work with Velo Klubhaus, so when I reached out to work together we knew we had mutual appreciation of each other's work.

The problem
He immediately threw a problem he was working on my way. He had a new frame soon to be released, the Mauerweg GT, an evolution of the Mauerweg that would remain in production. The top tube sticker was being made in a new way and the current design he had wasn't compatible with this new method.

Digging deeper
What I was hearing from Xaver was that he didn't just want to fix the issue, but to also have the new design evolve as the frame had done. I used a moodboard to dig into the characteristics of the new frame and the GT part of the name. This was the basis of a discussion about the styling of the new sticker design and enabled me to get on the same wavelength as Xaver's vision.

I hit upon a potential solution to the technical issue and then, through rapid sketching, used this idea to develop three variations to offer for selection and prototyping. I tend to offer a few flavours of solution to design problems: mild, spicy and hot, with the mild being closest to the original vision and then pushing the spiciness of the idea towards a hotter, more creative solution. After sleeping on it, Xaver went for the hot and we discussed a few tweaks to get it ready for prototyping.

Becoming a team
Even though this solution is held up in production, we have since worked together on a few other things and I'm always really stoked when a company makes me their go to for any visual problem that crops up.