& CABOODLE. My full process.
Let's have a chat about: 

Your project
How to approach it  
A start date and timeline
I'll put it all into an agreement contract and ask you to pay a deposit.

I'll start a collaborative online moodboard to discuss and get on the same page.
I'll start rapid sketching my way through the problem searching for little nuggets of gold.
I'll show you a few of the best rough and ready discoveries.   

We'll chat and choose one to polish up.
Once shiny and carefully inspected, I'll ask you to pay in full and then hand it over in all its glory.
Now we're a winning team, let's work together again.
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Let's talk process and fees
I charge a flat fee, agreed before any work starts.

Have a look below for typical costs and to get a good idea of what to expect working with me.

If that's working for your budget, then hit the big orange button and let me know how I can help.

Get a quote

This is my formula:
40 € hourly rate x Time + 15% error/profit margin.
+ (if applicable) any extra charge for unsociable hours due to expedited end date.

* I don't charge VAT

No matter what the project I agree a timescale and follow the same process with key checkpoints to make sure that the client gets what they asked for and within budget.

Each project fee includes time spent:
* In meetings
* Researching
* Designing
* Perfecting
* Handing over

+Years perfecting my craft

Sharing ideas and progress via online collaborative resources such as Milanote or Canva helps save time. Larger projects can also be tracked via an online project planning platform like Asana. Just let me know how you like to keep on top of your workload.

Handover includes the finished files in all the formats you may need like jpeg, png, svg.

Time and fee for common projects:  
A logo: 750 - 1100 € (typically 2 - 3 days of work over 1 week)

A full brand identity: 1100 € (3 - 4 days of work over 1 - 2 weeks)

Report/brochure: 800 - 1600 € (1 - 2 weeks depending on length)

Illustration: 1100+ € (within a week)

* Non-profits are welcome to get in touch to discuss how I might better fit your budget.
* I'm open to waiving part of the payment in exchange for services or products if the situation fits.