GÖTTINGEN city name made up of icons resembling landmarks

Illustration Projects

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I love letting my imagination fly and delighting people with playful illustrations. Some have been funded projects and others were personal playthings. Here's a few of my favourites.

"As a writer and publisher, I’d never been happy with the covers for my Luke Kelly crime novel series. So, when it came to the fourth book, I had Craig re-do the whole lot to give them a clearer, simpler look. He was easy, fast, patient and professional to work with and understood my design brief at once. I’m very pleased with the new look. I love Craig’s work and I think he’s done a great job on refreshing and revitalising the whole series."
Graham - Author
GrallyCat postera series of 6 book covers in a minimalist flat graphic style3 Animals in letters posters featuring the words pesticides as a bee, plastic as a fish and Wolf as a wolf. 3 of 4 book covers for the Luke Kelly crime novel series.Front and inside double spread of the Göttingen in Buchstaben booklet.3 of the 6 Aesop fables posters

Göttingen in Letters
In 2021 I received funding from Niedersachsen state to run a culture project in my city of Göttingen. Using the concept of my city logos series, where landmarks spell out their names (e.g. the A in Paris is the Louvre Pyramid) I invited the people of Göttingen to see their city in a new light and submit their ideas of which local landmarks best resemble each letter. Each week I would show my own interpretation and at week end choose the best submitted idea from the public. After 6 weeks there were two full Göttingen logos containing 18 unique vector illustrations of buildings, statues and objects representing our past and present. The resulting 16 page booklet was chosen to be displayed in Göttingen's city archive.

Guess the book window display
The hospital library in Göttingen got in touch to create a series of pictures for their window display that would attract attention and bring in more visitors. I liked the idea of holding attention and creating intrigue via some kind of challenge so I produced 16 minimalist book covers that invite passers-by to guess which novel they represent. In that vein I invite you to have a try yourself. Here's 6 to try guess. Hospital library users can find the answers inside, but you can always flick me an email to check.

Aesop's Fables
In 2022 I received further funding from the Niedersachsen Dreht Auf fund for a collaboration project with Ruth Reiche a.k.a Kunst Nerd. We created a series of pictures for six Aesop's fables that combine text and illustration to retell these important life lessons in a new way. The illustrated fables are all mostly about working together in different ways e.g. valuing each person's contribution in a team or how to manage people with a gentle approach. Each fable has a unique typographic title. The drawings, text and story each play a part in the overall picture. Sometimes the text forms a shape and sometimes the illustration interacts with the text inline with what's happening in the story.