Collection of 17 logos designed just for fun and practice

Logo & Identity Design

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Logo design is a passion - the challenge of crafting something small, simple and unique that can stick around in people's minds while sending out subtle clues of a company's history, service, product or vision, is an absolute joy.

"The cooperation worked great and Craig immediately responded to our wishes. We really like the logo. Thanks again" Daniel - SUB Göttingen

"Thanks again for the logo! Everyone is really happy with it." Megan - SWIM
Blue Get Somerset Cycling logo on white backgroundblack VELO KLUBHAUS logo on white backgroundSWIM logo designIRMA logo on white background

IRMa logo
IRMa stands for Improve Repository Metadata. Through early discussions with Daniel about the project, the theme of 'threes' stood out for me: 3 keywords in the name, 3-year project, and 3 partner organisations. Through rapid sketching I saw that I could tie this theme with a metadata icon of 3 linked squares and 3 points at the top of the M. The colours come from a mix of the main partners. More subtly, inside the negative space of the R and a is a speech bubble representing the call and response nature of searching repositories. These two speech bubbles sit nicely on either side of the Metadata M.

SWIM logo
South West Invasive Managers are a non profit tackling invasive species of plants in South West Alberta. Megan wanted a logo that could incorporate where they operate, the name and SWIM acronym. Long names work best as circular logos, so I started there and used my research into SW Alberta landmarks, the invasive plants SWIM manage and typical landscapes they operate in to put together the Mountain-to-lake landscape icon. This is headed by the iconic Mt Crowfoot surrounded by a subtle archway of the hands that care for it coming out of the SWIM acronym.

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Collection of 17 logos designed just for fun and practice

Above is a small collection of logos I have created out of sheer curiosity - sometimes to resolve a problem I had observed in an existing logo and sometimes to realise an idea inspired by other work.

The stories behind these logos can be found over on my instagram.

Some of these may be available for development together, so if one of these ideas or design elements grabs you, then feel free to ask about how we can use it in your own logo or icons.